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Dark Moon Soap

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Dark Moon - Hand crafted natural soap inspired by the phases of the moon. Reach for this soap when it's time for self care with relaxing lavender and mood lifting bergamot essential oils.

The deep purple colour is made using castor oil infused with Alkanet root. All Soap & Poetry bars are coloured only with botanical dyes. I do not use Micas as these are a product of the mineral mining industry and cannot be sourced with any guarantees that child and slave labour have not been exploited in the process of extracting the micas.

Organic Cocoa butter and shea butter create a rich and silky lather, less drying than petroleum based soaps.

Inside the recycled paper label an original poem is printed making this soap a beautiful gift.

I make small batches of artisan soap using the traditional 'Cold Process' method.

Only fair-trade and ethically sourced ingredients make it into Soap & Poetry soaps.

All the base soap oils are organic. Organic essential oils are used when possible although some are not allways available (This is labelled on each soap)

Each bar weighs at least Net 100g.