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Buff + Run Face Polish

Buff + Run Face Polish

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Over 200 revisions and finally, it’s here! Buff and Run Face Polish V2! This clever balm-milk-mask has been specially formulated to gently buff and polish your skin leaving it sooo soft, dewy and most importantly clear of blemishes! This super gentle formula of upcycled rice powder and fruit enzymes and acids gives you the flexibility to create the perfect treatment for your individual skin type. Like a gentle scrub? Or prefer a leave on chemical peel? Or maybe, you only have a few minutes and you want to run out the door with kissably soft skin? This is the product for you! In a world full of 20-step regimes and specific products for each one of your eyebrows, Buff + Run is a breath of fresh air. It does what it says on the tin, just buff... and run!

Buff + Run melts instantly on contact with the skin to create a gentle scrub made from ultra-fine upcycled rice powder that even the most sensitive skin can tolerate. When you’re done scrubbin’ splash some water to turn the balm into a silky, milky mask. If you want a bit of extra exfoliation, leave the mask on for 5 minutes to let the acids and enzymes exfoliate on a cellular level. Then just rinse and go baby! This cleanser won’t leave your skin feeling dry or tight, just bouncy and baby soft.

Made from a combination of 3 types of gentle exfoliation help to keep your skin healthy, fresh and bright while keeping spots at bay. 

WILDE INGREDIENTS < click to learn more!

Find out what's in your clean beauty:

Kaolin clay cleanses (British)

Babassu oil soothes (wild harvested)

Rice oil softens (upcycled)

Papaya enzyme brightens (upcycled)

Rice powder exfoliates (upcycled)

Spirulina powder calms spots (organic)

Betaine salicylate cleans pores (made from sugar beet)

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