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Skincare Essential Gift Set

Skincare Essential Gift Set

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Nutrient Rich Face Cream, 15ml:
Formulated with a synergistic blend of 11 of nature's most nutrient dense plant oils, carefully selected to contain the broad spectrum of nutrition that will regenerate and replenish your skin.

Oil Cleanser with Black Cumin and Raw Honey, 30ml, with organic muslin face cloth: 
Sweep away all makeup and daily grime with our revitalising gel-to-milk oil cleanser. A naturally sweet, citrus spiced scent.

Virgin Shea and Cocoa Whipped Body Butter, 60ml:
A luxurious and intensely hydrating body moisturiser with a natural cocoa scent.

Circulation Boosting Orange Coffee Scrub, 60ml:
Gentle enough for sensitive skin and faces, this indulgent resurfacing all-over treatment promotes smooth, glowing skin.
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